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Need Help Improving Communication Skills?

Need help improving communication skills in your relationship? Have you given up on trying to do it yourself? Do you want to change things for the better in your marriage or relationship? Do you realize you have to stop trying to change the other person and change yourself?

What happens when you get triggered? Does this sounds familiar?

  • you or your spouse put up a wall and withdraws in silence to protect yourself since you don’t feel safe
  • one (or both of you) get critical and devaluing trying to get your spouse or partner to listen
  • you get defensive instead of listening and trying to understand
  • there seems to be eye rolling ( contempt) or you mock your partner

When you get upset – and we all get upset in our relationships in one way or another – it is importunity to understand the “hook” and what to do about it rather than blaming the other person. This will help in improving communication skills and make a huge difference in your relationship – if you can both get better at this.

Accepting you cannot change another person ( as much as we all think we can and are compelled to keep on trying ) – is extremely important. It is necessary in order to make things better in any relationship. Look at what you need to work on instead of blaming someone else for “triggering” sadness, anger, anything unpleasant is not going to get you anywhere and could damage your relationship, sometimes beyond repair.

Are you ready to work on improving your communication skills? If you’re in Essex County NJ and need a couples therapist to help you, get in touch.

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