• Marriage & Couples Therapy

    Looking for a relationship or marriage counselor? Want to find ways to improve your marriage and get close again? See how couples & marriage counseling can help you.

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  • Couples Counseling

    Looking for help with creating a closer connection with your partner or spouse? Get couples therapy to help with communication and other relationship problems to help you strengthen your relationship.

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  • Relationship Counseling

    Need help making your marriage or relationship more satisfying? Find ways to communicate to help you feel more connected and secure in your relationship.

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  • Couples Therapy

    Need a therapist who is open, accepting and experienced working with people of all lifestyles, backgrounds and beliefs? Find therapy to help with personal, relationship or family issues.

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  • Relationship Problems

    Need help with your relationship? Do you fight over money, sex, household responsibilities, parenting or not making your relationship a priority? Are you trying to cope with an affair and what infidelity and what it has done to your life? Parenting causing issues?

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  • Going Through a Crisis

    Are you or your relationship in crisis? Do you need help dealing with a difficult time on your personal or professional life? Therapy can help.

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  • Health & Aging Issues

    Are you or a loved one coping with serious illness? Are you feeling stressed, worried and overwhelmed caring for a sick spouse or parent? Are you feeling isolated and alone?

  • Marriage Counseling

    Are you going through changes in your life and your relationship? Are you and your spouse starting a new stage such as retirement? Struggling with health issues or dealing with a new or second marriage?

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  • Gay LGBT Issues

    Find therapy in Essex County NJ

    Find counseling for LGBT issues and gay relationships as well as gay and lesbian family and parenting issues. Find therapists experienced with and sensitive to GLBTQI LGBTQA counseling in NJ.

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  • Help for Depression

    Are you feeling depressed and having trouble getting through the day? Are you looking for therapy to help you cope and make positive changes in your life? Find depression treatment in New Jersey

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  • Divorce or a Break Up?

    Find help coping with a break up or divorce. Trying to get through a divorce, separation or a break up? Find counseling to deal with issues related to divorce or the end of a relationship, a new relationship, step-family, blended family and parenting help.

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  • Grief and Loss

    Dealing with the death of a loved one? Did you care for a sick child, spouse, or parent and are coping with loss. Need help with your grief? Feeling alone, disconnected and isolated? Is it affecting your mental health and physical well-being?

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  • Midlife Marriage

    Do you need help with you marriage? Are you in a new marriage in midlife or dealing with changes in your relationship?

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  • Low Self-Esteem?

    If you struggle with low self esteem, constantly doubt yourself or have trouble understanding or asserting your needs, therapy may help you.

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  • Relationship Transitions

    Is your marriage going through stress coping with a new baby? Do you and your spouse need help handling all the changes in your life and relationship?

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New Jersey Therapy Services | Couples, Marriage, Family Counseling NJ | Individual Therapy

Compassionate, Confidential & Professional Therapy Services in Essex County NJ

If you're struggling with certain issues in your life and want to know how to get to a better place, therapy can help. Dealing with your problems with the help of a mental health professional can help you work on making positive changes in your relationship or personally. Almost anyone can benefit from seeking help from the right therapist, whether you are dealing with marriage or relationship problems, a life crisis, depression, grief, or other issues.

Need help now? Please call 973-902-8700 or EMAIL and Debra will be in touch shortly.

Find individual, marriage, family and couples counseling in Essex County New Jersey at Maplewood Counseling

Find a therapist open and accepting of different lifestyles, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. In addition to morning, afternoon and evening appointments, we can sometimes provide Saturday and Sunday sessions.

Psychotherapy for Individuals & Couples | Marriage Therapy & Family Counseling in NJ

Find a marriage counselor or relationship therapist in Essex County New Jersey at Maplewood Counseling

Marriage & Couples Therapy

Therapy for men and women in Essex County NJ

Individual Therapy

Find therapy in Essex County NJ

New Jersey Therapy Services

Does this sound familiar?

  • you're really unhappy and struggling in your marriage or relationship and need professional help.
  • you're devastated by an affair or infidelity and your relationship needs help healing from the betrayal.
  • you and your spouse or partner want help making your relationship work in more positive, loving and respectful ways.
  • you're feeling depressed and hopeless.
  • you're struggling with low self esteem and want help understanding how to improve the way you feel about yourself.
  • you're feeling very stressed, anxious and overwhelmed on a regular basis.
  • you're feeling very alone and isolated and need to feel more connected.
  • you’re trying to cope with sadness or anger after a break-up or divorce.
  • you're looking for help getting through a difficult time in your life (aging, health issues, career or family transitions)
  • you are feeling grief and trying to cope with a painful loss in your life.
  • you need help with LGBT gay couples, family or personal issues.

  • Individual, Couples, Marriage & Family Counseling in Northern New Jersey

    Maplewood Counseling | Individual, Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling in NJ

    • Couples Therapy Essex County New Jersey

    Therapy Services | Individual, Couples, Marriage, Family Counseling NJ

    If you need therapy services, we are here to help you take steps toward improving your relationship or personal well-being. We provide confidential, compassionate and professional therapy services to couples and individuals.

    Let us know how we can help you. Contact us by email now or click here to call us at 973-902-8700 if that's easier for you.

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    Find a marriage counselor or relationship therapist in Essex County New Jersey at Maplewoodcounseling Counseling

    Couples & Marriage Counseling

    Maplewood Counseling provides relationship counseling for couples who are trying to improve their relationship. Our office in located in Essex County in Northern New Jersey. Services we provide: marriage counseling, or couples therapy for all types of relationship issues.

    Find help for depression, grief and loss in Essex County NJ

    Depression, Grief, Self Esteem

    Get help for depression, grief, or low self esteem. Therapy can help if you've been feeling depressed, are going through a loss, divorce or break-up, or feel shame holds you back. Coping skills can help you improve the way you feel, get through a difficult time and make positive changes.
    Find help for anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias in New Jersey

    Coping with a Life Crisis

    Do you need help getting through a painful time in your life? Are you dealing with an affair or infidelity, trying to survive a painful divorce or break-up? Are you or a loved one coping with serious health issues? Trying to help your aging parents?

    Find individual, marriage, family and couples counseling in Essex County New Jersey at Maplewood Counseling

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    Find individual, marriage, family and couples counseling in Essex County New Jersey at Maplewood Counseling

    Gay Lesbian LGBT Therapy NJ
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