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Relationship Counseling NJ

Marriage counseling NJ | Couples Therapy NJ | Premarital Counseling NJ | Couples Counseling NJ

Marital Counselor

Marriage Counseling NJ , Couples Therapy New Jersey

Relationship Therapy

Marriage Counseling NJ , Couples Therapy New Jersey

Couples Therapy

LGBT Gay Marriage counseling NJ | Gay Therapist Couples Therapy NJ

Same Sex Couples

Marriage Counseling NJ , Couples Therapy New Jersey

Mixed Race Couples

Marriage Counseling NJ, Short Hills, Summit, Millburn, Springfield

Long Term Relationships

Maplewood Couples Therapy

Relationships, Individuals & Families

Couples therapy can help with some of the major and painful relationship experiences couples face, such as communication problems, fighting over money, lack of intimacy and sex, struggles over household responsibilities, discipline and parenting disagreements and more. Also, not making your spouse or family number one, difficulty dealing with conflict, trust and issues related to betrayal.

When You Need Couples Therapy

Couples therapy focuses on the many issues that are causing anger, sadness and discontent in the relationship. Getting professional help can really help you start the process of a more connected satisfying relationship. There are skills you can learn and better ways to handle and resolve your issues.

Our counselors are experienced with

  • Couples Counseling (unmarried couples, dating issues, gay relationships, domestic partners, mixed-racial couples)
  • Marriage Counseling (marital and family issues, gay marriage and family issues, inter-racial marriage, bisexual or gay spouse issues)

Our couples and relationship therapists can hero with:

  • Communication problems
  • Long term marriage – long term disconnect
  • Feeling alone, unhappy
  • Infidelity, sexual & emotional affairs, online cheating
  • Crisis in the marriage- stay or split
  • Difficult adjustment to a transition – move, new baby, other changes
  • One last chance before calling it quits
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Get back together after a split

If you need an experienced and compassionate couples therapist, call us.

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