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Multicultural Counseling for Couples & Families

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Multicultural Couples Counseling in NJ

Therapists Experienced with and Sensitive to Multicultural Counseling

Experienced, compassionate therapist who is sensitive to and experienced in couples and marriage counseling for people from different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles? Maplewood Counseling provides counseling for individuals and couples from non-European backgrounds? Do you need a counselor who understands counseling issues related to gender, social class, and sexual orientation?

Maplewood Counseling provides compassionate and professional therapy services for relationships, families and couples from all cultures, beliefs, sexual orientation and religious affiliations. We work with people from different religions, such as Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist. Jewish and more. We work with Latin Americans, Asians, African Americans, Indian (including couples in an arranged marriage ), Native American, Latin American and more.

Open and accepting of all lifestyles, backgrounds and beliefs.

Experienced with Multicultural Counseling and Diversity Issues

Find a therapist experienced with counseling people from non-European backgrounds needing help with family, couple and personal issues. Multicultural counseling and psychotherapy:

  • Inter-racial and mixed race couples
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender LGBT couples and families
  • Religious and spiritual diversity

We help couples and families with all types of issues including relationship help, marital issues, step-family problems, inter-racial couples and family counseling, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer and questioning (GLBTQ) couples and family issues and other family and parenting problems.

Maplewood Counseling in NJ provides therapy for a diverse group of people with personal and relationship problems.

Multicultural Counseling for Couples & Families

If you are looking for a therapist sensitive to and experienced with diversity issues call Maplewood Counseling. We are here to help.

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