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Maplewood Marriage Counseling NJ
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How We Help Couples

Marriage counseling with an experienced therapist can help couples change negative patterns and learn better ways to communicate, express anger and other difficult emotions. In addition, we can help if there has been infidelity (individuals and couples) or trust issues. We can also help with parenting and family challenges as well as decisions and discussions about staying together or separating.

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Maplewood Marital Therapy Services

How Couples Counseling Works

We offer marriage counseling, infidelity counseling, premarital counseling, discernment counseling, and couples therapy for people of all ages, lifestyles, backgrounds, cultures and religions. We can also offer counseling for individuals who need advice, counseling or other help with relationship or personal issues.


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Our experienced and compassioante therapists help couples (and individuals) with relationship challenges. We are trained to help and offer a safe place for couples to work on issues.

Marriage Counseling NJ

We help couples of all lifestyles and ages with marital issyes including help with trust and betrayal, family conflict, communication, arguing about finances, lack of intimacy, household chores, parenting and step families issues, and others deciding if they should stay togther or get divorced.

Couples Therapy NJ

Couple therapy can help if you’ve become disconnected and cannot resolve things on your own.  We often work with couples coping with infidelity and others trying to deal with family conflcit (  parenting, step-family and in-law challenges) and more. Get in touch if you need help.

Relationship Counseling NJ

Our counselors can help with relationship challenges such as a infidelity, new baby, communication problems, in-law issues, parenting and other family challenges, lack of affection and intimacy, blended family issues and more. You don’t have to do it alone.

What We Help With…

Communication Problems

When you cannot have effective discussions and resolve issues on your own, counseling can help you understand triggers and find better ways to resolve your differences.


Infidelity & Affairs

Dealing with or suspect infidelity? Has your spouse or partner been lying and hiding something? Emotional and sexual affairs as well as online cheating put a relationship in crisis. Many couples, however, can work through the betrayal.


Family Challenges

Family conflict includes, problems with in-law, children ( young or adult children) , step and blended-family issues. parenting challenges and problems with other family members. Also, couples fight over parenting styles, household responsibilities, money, lack of affection and intimacy can cause relational conflict.


Stay or Separate

Can we work things out? Discernment counseling can help a couple make some important decisions about the marriage. We can provide a safe space to work on answering this question ” should we separate or not “?


Marital Therapy

We approach marriage counseling sessions by spending time together with the couple for one or two sessions first. The next step is an appointment with each person individually to assess each of you. It does help us understand if one person struggles with various issues ( self esteem, anxiety, substance abuse, depression, anger, etc..) to get the bigger picture .Then we come back together and talk about the next steps in your work together. It is all part of our assessment process to find the best ways to help you. Most couples with attend anywhere from 8-20 sessions to help them get to a better place. It is all part of our assessment process to find the best ways to help you.


Marriage Counseling NJ | Couples Therapy


Need Help with Your Relatonship?

Marriage counseling NJ | If you’re dealing with difficult relationship issues and you don’t know how to make the necessary changes, marriage counseling can help.

Couple and Marital Problems | Marriage Counseling NJ

It may be time to try marriage counseling may help if you’ve been unable to resolve issues on your own or are stuck in negative patterns or cycles.

When do most couples get counseling? Does this sound familiar?

  • You fight constantly or avoid dealing with each other as much as possible.
  • You need better skills to resolve conflict in the relationship.
  • You often feel resentment and anger.
  • You feel depressed and unhappy in your relationship.
  • You often think about separation or divorce.
  • You no longer are intimate or affectionate (sexual desire problems or not often enough).
  • You are devatated your partner is or was having an affair (emotional or sexual affair) and you don’t know what to do.
  • You don’t love your spouse anymore and wonder what’s best for the children.

Many couple can get to a better place if they are committed to working on things.  You can build the skills you need to imrpove your connection. 

Marriage therapy can help you:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively.
  • Find better was to resolve disagreements and heal from infidelity.

If you need marriage counseling in NJ, get in touch.




Marriage Couples Therapy NJ, NY, NYC

Marital Therapy

Marriage counseling NJ can help couples get better at communicating and resolving conflict. Find a safe place to work on your issues.
Couples Therapy NJ Marriage Counseling Maplewood Counseling

Families & Couples

Couples can get help couples with all types of family issues including parenting, in-laws, step-family and blended family challenges.
Gay Marriage Same Sex Counseling NJ NY


We are experienced with all types of couples, LGBT same sex couples, mixed-race, interracial and interfaith relationships in need of help.

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