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Marital Therapy

Marriage counseling NJ can help couples get better at communicating and resolving conflict. Find a safe place to work on your issues.
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Families & Couples

Couples can get help couples with all types of family issues including parenting, in-laws, step-family and blended family challenges.
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We are experienced with all types of couples, LGBT same sex couples, mixed-race, interracial and interfaith relationships in need of help.

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Marriage Counseling NJ | Couples Therapy


Need Help with Your Relatonship?

Marriage counseling NJ | If you’re dealing with difficult relationship issues and you don’t know how to make the necessary changes, marriage counseling can help. Get professional therapy services with an experienced marriage therapist can help you work toward improving and strengthening your relationship.

Couple and Marital Problems | Marriage Counseling NJ

All relationships, including marriages, have difficulties from time to time.  It may be time to try marriage counseling may help if you’ve been unable to resolve issues on your own or are stuck in negative patterns or cycles.

When do most couples seek help from a relationship or marriage counselor? Does this sound familiar?

  • You fight constantly or avoid dealing with each other as much as possible.
  • You can’t or don’t know how to resolve conflict.
  • You often feel resentment and anger.
  • You feel depressed and stuck in an unhappy marriage and want to know what will help.
  • You often think about divorce or ending your marriage.
  • You no longer have sex (sexual desire problems or not often enough) or show any other type of affection or closeness.
  • You found out about an affair and wonder how to deal with the infidelity, hurt and betrayal.
  • You feel you no longer love each other and wonder what you should do if your marital problems are hurting your children.

Marriage counseling may be helpful whether you have been married for months or years. Taking the first step to find a therapist may be difficult, but it also presents an opportunity to work on making your relationship better and stronger. If you are looking for ways to improve your life, therapy may help you.

Marriage therapy can help you:

  • Learn how to communicate your needs effectively, regarding the relationship, money, sex, children or other issues.
  • Find better ways to deal with conflict and resolve disagreements than arguing.
  • Understand how your communication style affects your spouse (and your entire family).

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