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Couples Counseling and Couples Relationship Therapist in Maplewood, NJ

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Our office in Maplewood NJ provides Couples Counseling in Essex County New Jersey 

Couples Counseling and Couples Relationship Therapist in Maplewood, NJ

We are very experienced helping couples in New Jersey and our office is in Maplewood in Essex County, NJ.

Are you asking these questions?

  • When is the right time to get marriage or couples counseling?
  • Will it really help us?
  • Should we stay together or not?

The right time is when one partner is asking for counseling or if you can’t seem to get to a better place on your own. If you both are committed to couples counseling, it can help you reconnect, help you build skills to communicate more effectively, and heal from issues like infidelity and other behaviors that have caused tremendous pain and have damaged the relationship.  Or maybe you are a couple trying to figure out if you should or can stay together for various reasons.


Couples Counseling and Couples Relationship Therapist in Maplewood, NJ

Relationship issues we help with:

  • Multicultural couples, couples in a long tern marriage, domestic partners who are partnered and not married, couples who don’t live together and need help, stepfamily and blended family challenges, and individuals who need help with relationship struggles (including single people ).

When searching most people type in one of the following to find couples counseling in Maplewood, NJ

  • Marriage counseling near me in Maplewood NJ
  • Couples counseling near me in Maplewood NJ
  • Premarital therapy or pre-marital counseling near me in Maplewood NJ

We understand some people are not sure about reaching out. Maybe you feel you can fix things (or should be able to) on your own.  We have worked with couples on the edge since one person has asked for help and the other feels they don’t need outside help, or it is not bad enough – or we can fix things ourselves. All to many times we have seen couple wait until they are in crisis until they finally decide it’s time for couples counseling in Maplewood, NJ

Couples Counseling Maplewood NJ and Couples Relationship Therapist in Maplewood, NJ

What are some major relationship red flags:

  • If you are very critical (or criticized a lot)
  • If there is contempt ( name calling, mocking, feeling you are better than your partner, disdain, disgust, eye rolling, etc…)
  • The silent treatment – stonewalling can lead to tremendous disconnect if you can’t talk about and resolve issues effectively.
  • Being defensive and not really “being there” for your partner

How can a couple counselor in Maplewood, New Jersey help?

Well for starters, you can take a serious look at the types of issues that cause couples to feeling unhappy, heated and unresolved arguments, feeling disconnected, questioning “should we even be together?”

Relationship counseling in Maplewood, NJ can help you address any or all these red flags and help you (over time) understand your triggers and learn to respond (rather than react) in a way that creates connection and brings you closer.

Is couples counseling a long term process? Not necessarily. It does not have to be. What takes longer is understand and working to reduce triggers and making space for one another to express all sorts of emotions (without defending yourself) so you can respond in more positive ways.

How can a couple counselor in Maplewood, New Jersey help?



Whether you are married or couples, many couples experience similar issues.

Many couples have trouble with feelings such as :

  • Insecure and not sure how your partner really feels, but your gut is making you feel insecure, and you question things.
  • Jealousy can spill over into feelings of jealousy – sometimes completely justified and sometimes not. It may be hard to tell what is rational and what might be irrational fears.
  • Betrayal whether it is an emotional infidelity, physical and sexual infidelity, or online cheating. All these types of betrayal are very painful and upsetting.
  • Lack of physical closeness which includes lack of sex, physical touch and affection or even feeling your partner just wants sex and does not really connect with you physically otherwise.
  • Fear and not really saying how you feel out of fear and then distancing (sometimes passive aggressive behaviors) from your partner or spouse because you are not feeling ok about something but hesitate to share how you really feel.
  • Frustrated about the way things are handled regarding finances and money.
  • Disappointment and frustrations over blended families issues or dealing with stepchildren and even an ex. Navigating new relationships with many family members and sometimes feeling you are in the middle which feels lousy.
  • Parenting styles differences which lead to one parent feeling the other is too harsh or permissive (a complete pushover) with discipline and limit setting.

How can couples therapy help?

Couples counseling or marriage counseling are often very similar in format. A skilled and experienced couple therapist can provide a very safe place to talk. You both can share and feel your counselor is neutral and there to help.

 It is never about saying who is “right” and who is “wrong”, but rather how to feel seen and heard, understood, and validated. It is about making sure we can help you create a safer space for one another in and eventually out of the session, improving communication and reducing all the types of behaviors that cause disconnect and unhappiness.

If you need couples counseling in Maplewood, NJ or want to travel from nearby locations or use Telehealth online therapy, reach out to us.


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