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Should We Get Divorced?

Should We Get Divorced? Discernment & Marriage Counseling New Jersey Couples Therapy   Should We Get Divorced? Feeling unhappy and disconnected in your marriage? Don't enjoy spending time together anymore?  Feel bored and unsatisfied? Do you no longer have sex or...

Are You Controlling?

In a Controlling Relationship? Marriage & Couples Therapy   Are you controlling? Is it Causing Problems? The need for control. Many people feel like they need to control things around them to reduce discomfort and negative emotions, will find it much more...

Need Help Letting Go?

  Mindfulness Counseling NJ Help Letting Go Counseling Near Me     The Benefit of Letting Go | Mindfulness CounselingLetting go will of an inner struggle or conflict can eventually bring you peace and acceptance to your life. It is not easy for many people to let go...

Hard Time Coping?

Help Coping | Mindfulness Counseling NJ Couples, Families, Individuals   Coping with Hard Times | Mindfulness When Things Don't Go According to Plan All of us have to deal with the unexpected and sometimes very unpleasant circumstances in our lives. As much as we try,...

Spiritual Relationships

  Spiritual Relationships Couples Counseling NJ     Mindful & Spiritual Relationships There is an Insights at the Edge podcast with Elizabeth Lesser, author and spiritual teacher. She has tremendous wisdom and when asked what does it meant to be spiritual, she...

An Emotional Affair in Your Relationship

Marriage & Couples Counseling NJ Essex County New Jersey Maplewood Counseling   The Emotional Affair An emotional affair can be devastating for a couple. The same feelings can get triggered as an actual sexual affair. For the same reasons.  When you are the one...

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