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Welcome to Maplewood Counseling in Maplewood, New Jersey. We provide counseling to any individual, couple or family in New Jersey in-person or telehealth video virtual session. Need some help? Get in touch.

Are You a High Conflict Couple?

Conflict in Couples: High Conflict Guidance for dealing with high conflict in your relationship Conflict in couples relationships is something that many people experience. Even normally healthy relationships. In fact, because people are different, they’re bound to...

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How Life Coaching Can Enrich Your Life

How Life Coaching Can Enrich Your Life Are there areas of life you want to improve? What if someone told you that life coaching could help you increase your hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism? And that in doing so, you could lead a richer, happier life? Does it...

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Need Marriage Counseling Before Divorce?

What to Do Before Divorce? Trouble Deciding? Unhappy? Before Divorce: Why Marriage Counseling Is Helpful Are you undecided about divorce? Marriage counseling before divorce can help in a variety of ways. It can help with: Improving communication with your spouse...

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