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Welcome to Maplewood Counseling in Maplewood, New Jersey. We provide counseling to any individual, couple or family in New Jersey in-person or telehealth video virtual session. Need some help? Get in touch.

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Can Marriage Counseling Help Us? What is the success rate of marriage counseling? The best marriage counselors know it takes both partners to be open and willing to make some important changes. According to statistics for traditional types of marriage counseling,...

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Relationship Triggers

Relationship Triggers & How to Cope We work with so many couples and understand how triggers can cause big problems in any relationship. If you have had a lot of challenging experiences in the past, especially childhood trauma and difficult experiences, you may...

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Micro-Cheating Causes Feelings of Betrayal

Micro-cheating in Relationships or Marriage How to recognize micro-cheating Micro-cheating is a term that describes a more subtle form of infidelity in a relationship. Infidelity typically means a physical affair, but it can also refer to an emotional affair. An...

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Are You a High Conflict Couple?

Conflict in Couples: High Conflict Guidance for dealing with high conflict in your relationship Conflict in couples relationships is something that many people experience. Even normally healthy relationships. In fact, because people are different, they’re bound to...

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