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Couples Counseling NJ

Searching for Couples Counseling NJ?

Trouble with any of the following?

  • problems communicating
  • fighting about sex (lack of or lack of interest)
  • arguments about money
  • in-law, step-family and blended family problems
  • an affair, infidelity, online cheating, an emotional affair
  • nagging and frustration over household chores
  • making your partner more of a priority
  • dealing with anger and emotional outbursts

Effective relationship therapy can help couples, families, step-families, parents (and co-parents) with a variety of relationship issues.

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All relationships encounter problems, but if your problems persist and you and your partner are unhappy and disconnected, counseling may help you.

How Can Relationship Counseling Help You?

Relationship counseling helps couples, partners and spouses identify and understand destructive patterns so they can work on changing them. Therapy can also help coupes resolve conflict and communicate more effectively.

Often a love or romantic relationship is in trouble long before a divorce, separation or breakup enters the picture. If you really want to see if you can save and improve your relationship, seeking professional help is an important first step.

Our New Jersey counseling services provide counseling for all types of relationships.

You can get help for relationship issues, including:

  • Marriage counseling and family therapy
  • Pre-marital and couples counseling
  • Mixed-race couples, interracial marriage, interfaith couples
  • Indian couples & arranged marriages, Asian American couples, African American couples, Latino & Hispanic couples
  • Gay lesbian relationship problems, family and parenting Issues
  • Grief and issues related to divorce, breaking up or ending a relationship
  • Adolescent relationships (with parents, boyfriends, girlfriends) and Issues
  • Parenting and family conflict

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Are You Struggling with Family and/or Parenting Issues?

Parenting and dealing with child and adolescent problems are often difficult for a variety of reasons, such as:

  •    How the parent deals with conflicts
  •    Different parenting styles that cause arguments
  •    Anxiety, panic attacks or depression
  •    Stepfamily, separation or divorce issues

If you are a parent trying to cope with feeling depressed, overwhelmed with family responsibility, you may benefit from counseling. Learn how to deal with your children, spouse, partner (or former spouse or partner when that is possible).

Maplewood Counseling has Experienced and Licensed Relationship Therapists in NJ

If you are experiencing relationship difficulties, contact us.

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Marriage Counseling NJ , Couples Therapy New Jersey
LGBTQ GAY Counseling Therapist NJ

Need a Longer Session?

Longer Intensive Sessions Upon Request (When Available)

Couples may also request double, “Intensive” sessions, which are double (90 minute) sessions. These types of sessions are helpful when a couple is going through a crisis in the relationship (infidelity, on the brink of divorce) or have more complicated, long standing problems. Others are stuck in more escalated ways of communicating (name calling, angry verbal attacks, criticism, defensiveness, silence) and an inability to speak about or resolve anything productively.

Are Intensive Sessions right for us?

Intensive appointments are helpful for couples that:

  • are wondering if they can work thing out or have to separate divorce or break-up
  • need help expressing how you feel and get angry and not being understood and heard
  • are highly reactive to one another and are stuck
  • can’t seem to connect in ways you want without getting angry

If this sounds familiar, intensive sessions may be a good way to slow things down and understand what steps are needed, especially if you’ve been dealing with long standing problems.

Intensive appointments help couples who need to:

  • have more time to understand issues far more deeply than time allows in a single session
  • learn ways to deal with your present situation more effectively as you try to sort through the relationship problems
  • find out what will help you respond rather than react and improve communication
  • understand how to listen and validate one another and start the process of healing

Longer, intensive appointments can help you take a look at the most pressing and upsetting issues in the marriage or relationship. You and your partner can have more time to devote to finding better ways to stabilize the relationship and take some necessary (and sometimes long overdue) steps.

Please feel free to get in touch and let us what you need help with.

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Couples Counseling NJ

Marriage counseling as well as couples counseling, are a type of relationship therapy that helps two people going through some problems as a result of their dynamic, mental health or other issues. Both people ( heterosexual or same-sex couples) typically go to sessions together as a way of exploring and discussing their concerns about their relationship causing strain and unhappiness. Successful marital therapy will help couples learn better ways to relate and understand one another.

When is comes to couples and marriage counseling, there are many different reasons that bring couples in to seek help. It is not easy to manage family, work, children, and handle all of this one your own. The It can be isolating and overwhelming to deal with all of the daily stressors family face these days . The result may be constant arguments, emotional, verbal abuse, feeling neglected, disconnect, arguments, resentments and unresolved issues, parenting and family conflict, problems with and lack of intimacy (including sex and affection) intimacy. There are so many reason couples look for help.

For most couples, marriage counseling can help if both people are open and willing to take the necessary step. Some couples will not be able to fix their issues, however, if both people are not interested in working on the issues. It does take both people to make it work.

Is marriage counseling effective? It can be very effective in helping many couples improve their relationship.

Timing is everything and it helps to get help early to make some changes in your dynamic, understand what you need to change, to build better skills. Getting marriage counseling earlier – when you realize you cannot resolve issues on your own – will help you develop the tools and skills for a healthier, long lasting marriage. It is clear that more couples will divorce if they don’t seek counseling than couples that do. Emotionally focused therapy is quite effective at helping couples improve their relationship and it is more of a short term model. Most couples can get tp a better place in 6-20 sessions depending on their issues and ability to break negative patterns and cycles.

Marriage Counseling – Don’t wait too long to get help

Unfortunately, many couples don’t go to counseling soon enough. Sometimes one person has been suggesting marriage counseling for a long time and the partner was not willing. “We can fix this ourselves” or “we don’t need counseling”. Some men and women feel counseling is a sign of weakness or maybe there is “shame” about counseling. It can be hard for some people to get past the stigma of therapy and there is something wrong with people that need counseling.

However, couples counseling can really make a huge difference for many couples. It can help turn things around by exploring the issues that are leading to intense arguments, unhappiness and disconnect and learning the best ways to communicate, resolve and connect.

Therapy can’t fix all martial problems, however. It takes a commitment from both people to work on the marriage. Progress will take steady, hard work. Inc some cases only one person is willing to work on things. Divorce cannot be prevented in some cases.

However, couples therapy and taking the time to really focus on understanding and improving will help improve intimacy, communication, and connection. You and your therapist are a team in making positive steps in the relationship. If you are open and willing to learn how to do a better job listening , understanding, accepting, supporting and forgiving, you will feel happier and more satisfied.

Whatever brings you in to counseling, know that your marriage therapist will assess your situation to find the best ways to help you. If you are in read to take the next step contact us.

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Couples Counseling NJ

Couples counseling can help you if you’re feeling disconnected and unhappy with the way things are going. A skilled therapist can help you.

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Need a marital therapy to help you find better ways to communicate? Feeling betrayed after infidelity and don’t want to give on up?

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Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and alone in your relationship? Feeling like your partner doesn’t really care enough to do what you need?

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