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Daphne Berkovits LMFT

Daphne Berkovits LMFT Maplewood Counseling
Daphne is a licensed marriage & family therapist in the state of New Jersey. Daphne has over 15 years of experience and specializes in assisting couples and individuals with a wide range of challenges. She has a great deal of experience providing therapy to people struggling with relationship and family problems, depression, anxiety, parenting challenges (adult and young children), step & blended family issues, grief, loss, life stage transitions, and LGBTQ+ relationship & individual issues and more. Very easy to connect with, Daphne will assess each couple and individual’s needs that come in for help. She will help to come up with the specific goals and strategies for improving your unique situation in effective ways.

Daphne offers in-person and Telehealth video sessions – whatever is easier for you. . You can take a look at what she has available by clicking on the “book now” below.

Fees for session with Daphne:
(your insurance may reimburse up to 80% depending on your out of network coverage, deductible, etc… – we can explain)

$165 – 45 min session
$215 – 60 min session

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In her Free Time…

Daphne Berkovits LMFT Maplewood Counseling

Daphne enjoys running, communing with nature, and finding beauty and joy in the everyday.

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