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Premarital counseling can help you explore issues in your relationship before you get married. Whether you’re a young couple getting married for the first time or an older couple getting married after divorce or the death of your spouse, premarital counseling can help. We all have issues in our relationships, and many times, being in a close relationship brings those issues to the fore, as you and your partner experience the best and the worst of each other. Couples may have to deal with adjusting to a new marriage, moving in together or dealing with family pressures. Premarital counseling can help you understand where you get stuck, and get therapy to talk about differences, fears and expectations in a safe and supportive environment.

What are some issues many couples discuss in premarital counseling?

  • problems with communication or resolving conflict
  • disappointments you have in certain situations
  • what you expect of one another regarding work, chores, and/or finances
  • how you feel about having children and how your parenting styles may differ
  • fears about trust, infidelity, betrayal or a general discussion about expectations and monogamy
  • dealing with an ex-wife, ex-husband or ex-partner and a step-family, blended family and issues regarding children from a previous relationship
  • dealing with a second or third marriage and want help dealing more effectively with relationship issues to make it work

Premarital counseling can help you find ways to feel safer and more connected as you move toward getting married. It can also help you explore what to do about your differences, the way you handle conflict, distance and much more.

Newlywed and need some help?

If you’re recently married and struggling with adjusting to living together or other changes, marriage counseling can help you. When we work with couples we use EFT ( emotionally focused therapy ). Studies have shown that most couples experience a great deal of improvement in their relationship. This type of marriage and couples therapy helps couples start to recognize the negative cycles that keep them “stuck” and work to strengthen their relationship. Therapy can help you learn to communicate in a safe and supportive environment and develop more effective problem solving.

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