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Marriage Counseling for Older Couples

Long Term Marriages, Mid-life Relationships and Second Marriages

Are you an older couple looking for help with a relationship issues?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been marriage over 20 years and your not in a great place
  • You’re in a second marriage (or third) and things are complicated
  • You’re in a new relationship after divorce or death of a spouse and need help adjusting
  • You’re single and starting over and want help with you relationship style and choices
  • You’re dealing with your partner or spouse’s young or adult children
  • You’re trying to get over infidelity or other betrayal

We work with older couples who need help with relationship issues whether they come in together or alone. Whether it is communication problems, infidelity, trust or other issues from the past that have been hard to recover from, we can help. It will help to sort through your marital issues with an experienced marriage therapist.

Need help with a long-term marital problems?

Are you a couple that has been married over 20 years? Are you empty nesters facing new challenges in your marriage since your kids are in college or on their own? (**We also help people in a new relationship after divorce, in a second marriage and single starting over). 

Many couples have been so busy focusing on the needs of their teens during high school and getting ready for college, there has been less time for the marriage.   For couples like this it isn’t until children kids are gone that many realize how much is really missing in their relationship. Now it’s just the two of you – and for some couples that’s not a good thing. Many couples at this point struggle with a lack of connection and wonder what to do.

Years of Issues – Can We Reconnect?

Like many couples, maybe you’re in a marriage that has been neglected due to work and family responsibilities.  The relationship was clearly not a priority. And in other cases, it seemed better to avoid each other because you just couldn’t seem to get what you need or get along anymore. You’ve accepted the distance and lack of connection because you just didn’t know what else to do.

Can anything be done to turn things around? After all, this is the time you can finally focus on one another. Can you get back to something more meaningful in your marriage? Can you slowly rebuild what has been lost? Or do you have to make other decisions?

Marriage or discernment counseling can help you figure things out.  Are you are both committed to the process and hopeful about the outcome? Do you both want to see if you can work on regaining your connection? Or do you wonder if you can come back from what feels like the point of no return.

Counseling can help you discuss long-standlng issues and feelings to see what can be done. It can also help you explore next steps in your marriage.  Are you both open to understanding, talking, listening, and repairing? Are you both committed to working through hurt, anger, and past disappointments? Or will be hard to do this…these are the questions we will explore in sessions.

Whether you are in a long-term marriage, second marriage or new relationship or second marriage – we can provide a safe place to explore these important questions, please get in touch.

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