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Unhappy Relationship or Marriage?

You and your spouse or partner need couples counseling?

Are you in a unhappy relationship? Many relationships in a bad place end in a break-up or divorce. Some have tried counseling and others have never really looked into getting professional help to see if they can feel more satisfied and happier in their relationship or marriage.

Are you in an unhappy relationship?

Are you feeling like you’re not sure if you can stay together? You are not alone.

Many men and women have tried for a long time to convey how unhappy they are, but for some reason their husband, wife or partner was unable to really understand how bad things have been for them. This happens in all types of relationships…straight and gay. In some situations, one partner has been pleading (sometimes for years) to go to counseling. At least one person was aware they were unable to resolve their issues without that help. Unfortunately, their spouse or partner did not listen and things had to get to a very critical point ( the very serious threat of separation and divorce) before seeking an experienced marriage or couples counselor to help.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been asking your husband, wife or partner for a very long time to go to counseling and they just ignored your request and did not take you seriously
  • You’re really angry with your spouse or partner for finally being ready for counseling and feel “why now?”
  • You or your spouse feel disconnected, neglected, verbally abused or ignored
  • It might be too late to work on your marriage or relationship since your wife or husband is the one that wanted counseling for a long time, and now that you’re ready, they are not very willing.
  • Many, many mistakes and have not treated your wife, husband or partner the way you should have.You’re desperately hoping that professional help can make a difference with where you are right now.

Many couples wonder if they can work things out and stay together. Not just stay together because of the children or because they fear what things will be like if they’re on their own financially or emotionally, but actually make the relationship better and more satisfying.

In an Unhappy Relationship or Marriage?

If you’re in an unhappy relationship and want help figuring things out, discernment counseling, marriage or couples therapy can help you.

If you’re looking for experienced and compassionate therapists in Essex county New Jersey ( couples do travel from other counties as well ),  please do let us know how we can help you.

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