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Relationships and Honesty

Do you struggle with honesty in your relationship?  Are there things you don’t share with you spouse or partner?  Are you afraid to tell things with your spouse or partner something?

Being dishonest does not necessarily mean your are deliberately lying – in the case of someone directly asking if something is wrong or sensing something is wrong and directly asking. But lying to avoid getting caught in something potentially very damaging to your relationship – an affair, is a different type of dishonesty. Men and women are dishonest for different reasons sometimes.

Is this you?

  • You’re having an affair and are feeling stuck in a very bad situation
  • You’re texting other women or men and flirting and it’s hard to stop
  • You don’t tell your spouse or partner important things because you don’t want to hurt him or her
  • You don’t say how you really feel about sex and end up going through the motions and feeling unhappy
  • You don’t feel you can share what you want or need because you’re spouse won’t understand or care
  • You’re afraid your husband or wife will get angry if you say how you really feel about something

Lack of honesty will eventually lead to bigger problems, A couples can get very disconnected over time if they don’t share how unhappy they are about certain things and just accept it will never change. To deal with the disconnect, sometime one partner will find some relief in the attention from someone else. Disconnection and unhappiness at home can make many people very vulnerable to the smallest amount of attention from the outside.

It is important to be honest more now to reduce bigger problems down the road. If you need help to prevent bigger problems or if have already crossed over into infidelity or other bigger problems, get in touch.

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