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Find Couples Counseling Before Calling it Quits

by | Anxiety, Depression, Relationships

Find Couples Counseling to Help Your Relationship

Listen to Your Spouse or Partner When They Say We Need Counseling

As a couples therapist, I hear from so many couples that come in that one person, wife, husband or partner, has been asking to go to counseling for sometimes years. That person was feeling pain, sadness, alone, anger and could not seem to get what he or she needed without help. The difficult part from the perspective oe f couples or marriage counselor is when they finally decide to come it, it is usually when the other partner feels fear or pain. Afraid of losing their marriage or relationship.

Is this you?

  • you contact a marital therapist because you’re feeling scared your spouse is ready to leave
  • you have tried over and over to say we need couples counseling and your spouse ignored your requests
  • when your wife or husband asked for counseling, you thought it wasn’t necessary and now you know it is
  • your partner is feeling hopeless and saying they want a divorce or to break-up
  • you or your spouse has actually left physically (separated, moved out) or checked out emotionally
  • you wish you had listened and found a therapist long ago and did not wait
  • you are angry at your partner for not taking you seriously and now THEY want to go to couples therapy

So many couples come in and one person says they have been asking to go to counseling for a long time. That same person might have been neglected and feeling they will never get through to their spouse or partner what they need. They just don’t care or will never understand (without help). Some people just give up.

If you’re at that point, see what the next step is with couples or marriage counseling. Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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Can Our Relationship Survive?

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