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When to Get Marriage Counseling

Not sure when to get marriage counseling? Have you tried to work things out on your own? It may be time for marriage counseling if you and your spouse been unable to get to a better place?
Because we work with so many couples, we see situations where one person – it can be a wife or husband  – has been pleading with their spouse to get  marriage counseling.  If you don’t listen or haven’t listened to this plea for help, things may deteriorate significantly.
Ideally, if you’re unable to resolve issues  and either one or both of you was feeling sad, angry and disconnected, it might be best to reach out to experienced marriage therapist in your area sooner than later. Waiting too long make cause irreparable damage to your

When to get marriage counseling


 Does this sound familiar?
  •  You’re on able to communicate effectively and argue constantly
  •  One or both of you are feeling neglected and are pretty shut down
  •  One or both of you are being disrespectful because you can’t get what you need
  •  You or your wife or husband are feeling very disrespected
  •  One or both of you avoid talking and put up a wall to protect yourself.
  •  You haven’t been able to heal from infidelity or another painful issue
  • You’re not even sure if you want to stay in the marriage anymore

When to Get Marriage Counseling | How to Know

When you’re stuck. Effective marriage counseling can help you understand and work on changing some of the patterns, triggers and cycles that keep you stuck in a bad place.
If you’d like to sit down with an experienced marriage counselor, get in touch.


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