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Trying to Save Your Marriage?

Trying to Save Your Marriage?

Can your relationship be saved?

Does this sound familiar?

  • your spouse is completely shut down and d is asking for a divorce
  • your wife or husband has given on on trying
  • you are both feeling very alone and disconnected
  • you are only staying for your children
  • you want to save the marriage but your spouse seems 95% done

Many couples struggle when they get stuck in this painful place. They wonder what direction they can go – especially when one person wants to save the marriage and one person feels hopeless and wants to move on.

In many of these situations, one person has been asking to go the marriage counseling or couples therapy for years. Knowing there was no way they could fix problems on their own. The problem is, when one person’s requests for going to counseling has been ignored for a long time….it feels like the other person did not car e about their pain, their needs. The person ends up feeling alone and over time…very disconnected.

Then, when the other person starts to feel the pain of the disconnect, they are ready to go to therapy. Sometimes when it is too late since you can only save your marriage if both people are committed to this process. A good marriage therapist can assess this situation thoroughly since divorce is a painful option. How far gone is the wife or husband? Are they 100% sure they cannot reconnect? 90%, 80%? Is there any sliver of hope left? That’s what an experienced therapist will help with.

If you are ready to see if you can save your marriage and have a thorough relationship assessment, get in touch.

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