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Should We Stay or Split Up?

Can We Resolve Our Issues?

Not sure if you can work things out in your marriage or relationship? Should you get divorced, separated or break-up? Have you been been through too much and not sure you can feel good about each other again?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re struggling with forgiving infidelity or an affair
  • You can’t seem to get over your spouse or partner not being there for you
  • You’re unable to forgive your spouse for choosing his or her family over you
  • You can’t seem to forget and accept things that have happened in the past that have caused you pain.

Do you need help working through painful events in your relationship? Do you need help forgiving your husband, wife or partner or making another decision about your relationship?

It is important to understand forgiveness and how complicated it can be. Forgiveness is so important for your own sake. Does this always mean you can work out your differences? Not for all couples, but if you are both willing to really work through painful events and are open and honest, you may be able to heal and work things out.

If you need help and you feel stuck in a painful place, get in touch. We can help your explore your next step in a safe place

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