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Depressed About an Unhappy Marriage?

Are you afraid to leave an unhappy marriage? Are you staying for the kids or for other reasons? Are you trying to figure out what to do?

Many couples struggle in an unhappy marriage or relationship. A new baby definitely complicates your relationship and has a certain set of challenges. Some couples can work through these difficulties and other feel a new baby has only brought out the worst in the relationship and sometimes feelings change. And you’re not sure you can get your feelings back.

Having kids can also cause a lot of problems in a relationship and also make it more challenging to leave or divorce. Many people feel it can hurt their children if they get divorced and hurt their financial situation. Is staying always best for the kids? Maybe not.

What happens to some relationships after a child or children enter the picture is the relationship is put on the back burner. To feel like you are not a priority anymore in your marriage for an extended period of time can lead to a pretty big disconnect and unhappiness.

The truth is some people are raised by a parent that totally focuses on the children. Either it is a single parent household or someone that was conditioned to give the child or children most of the attention. It can feel wrong to do it any other way and sometimes frustrating to have your spouse want more attention. The result? The relationship suffers and over time a couple can get very disconnected. One person needing and wanting more attention, and the other not understanding why they just can’t put the children first. This can be a complicated issue.

Are you in an unhappy marriage and wonder what to do? Afraid to leave and can’t imagine staying? We are here to help if you are wondering what to do about an unhappy marriage.


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