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Trying To End An Affair?

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Are You Trying to End an Affair?

Trying to End an Affair - Life after Infidelity

Trying to end an affair? Can you stop infidelity from continuing to damage you and your marriage or relationship?

Trying to end an affair that has been causing you to feel depressed in addition to hurting your marriage or relationship? Trying to pick up the pieces and cope emotionally with the loss? Not sure if you can or even want to reconnect with your spouse or partner ( who may or may not know about the infidelity)? Wondering if you and your relationship can heal? Is it possible to reconnect with your spouse or partner and get more of what you need from marriage or relationship or do you feel like you can’t stay with your spouse any longer? Certainly day to day stressors, kids and work responsibilities can be anything but romantic. Maybe your marriage became one of focusing on your children, work and chores leaving you drained and exhausted. The routine can make couples slowly drift apart, leaving both partners vulnerable to the attention of another man or woman. Infidelity, which is usually a symptom of a problem in your relationship, may be hard to resist especially if it’s something you have not felt in a long time – or ever.

Trying to End an Affair

When the affair has caused too much pain and guilt,you may feel it’s time to let go. Easier said than done, especially if you are emotionally connected and letting go feels like a very painful loss. Maybe you’ve already tried a few times to break-off the affair – only to feel drawn back in. Feeling desired and appreciated is hard to resist, especially if it is something that has been lacking (or missing) in your relationship. On the other hand, coping with letting go and the feelings of grief about giving up the way the other man or woman made you feel can be very painful. To complicate things, you’re usually alone and can’t get the support you need because it may not easy to share the details of infidelity with others. Trying to End an Affair Is this you?
  • the affair made you feel things you’ve never felt – in good ways and bad
  • you’ve been dishonest with your spouse or partner and feel very guilty about it
  • you’re ready to commit to giving your marriage or relationship another chance
  • you’re having trouble coping with the pain of trying to let go
  • you’re struggling with the pull of the affair and seeking the good feelings it used to give you ( only to feel more pain they are no longer there)
  • you’re not sure if you want to stay in your marriage and if you can reconnect with your spouse or partner
The next step – Grieving, Healing and Reconnecting With your Spouse (if that’s possible) A non-judgmental, experienced and understanding therapist can help if you’re trying to end an affair and take the next steps in your life and relationship. Call us at 973-902-8700 or email and let us know if we can help you.
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