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What Supportive Relationships Have in Common

Do you know what’s it’s like to feel supported? Cared about? Understood?  Supportive relationships have several things in common. They’re about being there when someone is in need, whether they’re feeling sad or excited about something. Supportive relationships are comforting, caring and warm. They can make you feel you’re not alone when things are not going well and help you get through life’s ups and downs.

The photo below shows a man showing support, kindness and compassion. He is comforting his wife, who is feeling sad or in pain. Some people find it hard to be there for their spouse or partner. Some find it easy to show kindness and compassion to their children, but not their partner. What makes it so hard for some people to be there?

Supportive Relationships – Trying to Get More Support?

What makes it hard for you to be more supportive?

Is this you?

It feels like my partner or spouse

  • doesn’t understand me
  • never listens to me
  • doesn’t care about me
  • isn’t there for me
  • can’t be trusted
  • always criticizes me and I can never do anything right
  • always try to fix something when I’m sad, which doesn’t help
  • just wants me to “get over it”
  • doesn’t understand emotions and says “I shouldn’t feel sad or angry”

It is possible for some couples to develop more supportive relationships. It is something we all want and deserve. If you’re having trouble being supportive to or  feeling supported by your partner, counseling may help.

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