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Spouse Wants Divorce? Partner Wants Out?

What to do when you or your spouse wants out of your marriage or relationship.

Is this you?

    • Spouse wants divorce – Your wife or husband saying they want to separate.
    • Things have been bad for a long time and you’re at a critical point in the relationship
    • There’s been a recent event like an affair that has really been a painful wake up call
    • Your husband or wife has been so neglectful, verbally or emotionally (* physically) abusive over the years that you just have lost all hope
    • You developed feelings for someone else – maybe through an emotional affair or sexual infidelity and you’re not sure what to do
    • Do you need help figuring out your next step is a couple if you can’t stay together

* physical abuse is the fastest way to destroy your relationship and you will have to do individual therapy since therapists cannot work with a couple that have a pattern of physical, domestic violence and or spousal abuse since safety is a priority.

If you need help figuring out if your relationship can survive or if you have to go your separate ways, call or email us and let us know how we can help you.

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Struggling in Your Marriage?

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