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Social Anxiety Support

Here is a list of social anxiety support groups, forums and other information to help if you are trying to cope with social anxiety disorder (also referred to as social phobia). Generally, support groups are place where people can help one another by exchanging information as well as providing emotional and practical support. Support groups and forms can be a very valuable resource for men, women and adolescents dealing with social anxiety by allowing individuals to share their experiences and feelings, feel understood by others dealing with social phobia, and sometimes practical support they need to make some positive changes. If you are looking for a social anxiety support group, it is important to find a group that feels like a good fit (even though the social anxiety will most likely make it difficult ad first even if the group would have the potential to be helpful for you).

Some people meet in local groups and others find help from an online support group or forum. Talking to others dealing with social anxiety (virutally or in-person) who may better be able to understand what it’s like to live with social anxiety can be comforting. You don’t have to feel alone and isolated.

Types of Support Groups

Some support groups are peer-support groups, which were not run by a professional facilitator and usually started by individuals looking for support. Other groups may be run by professional facilitators or by a specific group, such as a breast cancer support group through the American Cancer Society.

Social anxiety support and forums may be helpful for many people suffering with social anxiety. However, for if you are experiencing severe social anxiety, seeking treatment from a mental health professional and possibly medication may be more effective in reducing and managing your symptoms.

Social Anxiety Support

Social Anxiety Support 

Social Anxiety Support Forum (Anxiety Disorders Association of America ADAA.rg)

Directory of Social Anxiety Support Groups Organized by Location

Telephone Conference Call Social Anxiety Support Groups

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