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Saving Your Marriage or Relationship

Have things gotten so bad in your relationship that you wonder if there’s anything you can do to turn it around? Do you fight all the time or are you just so distant and disconnected that you hardly ever speak to each other? Have you unhappy for a long period of time? Have you been feeling so alone in your relationship, you’re not sure saving the marriage is something you even want?
Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy NJ
Some people come in to therapy and talk about their unhappiness in the relationship. Sometimes they come in as a couple and sometimes they come in alone. We explore a wide range of feelings, help you understand patterns, see where you’re getting stuck, and see what can be done to create more of a connection and bond again.

If you’re trying to improve your marriage or wondering if it can survive, there are different resources out there that may help you. Marriage counseling or couples therapy may be very helpful, but there are also a lot of free resources such as blog posts and videos that offer of great deal of helpful information to couples.

Even if you not quite ready to commit to couples or marriage therapy right now, you can always listen to learn and understand how to make things better in your marriage, you can go to YouTube and search on relationship experts like Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Sue Johnson, for example, and listen to hours of short video clips that can shed some light on the subject of relationships and what it takes to build stronger connections, healthier relationships and give you some insight into what behaviors are predictors of divorce.

Sadly, some relationships cannot be saved. There has been too much pain, distance or maybe only one of you is willing to work on things. But many couples who are committed to the relationship can benefit from professional help. Not only is it good for the relationship, but it’s good for each of you as individuals and if you have children, it benefits them as well.

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