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Getting Help with Relationship Problems

When Jodie gave birth to their daughter, it was such a happy time for them. Even though the pregnancy was not easy, they were thrilled when Erica was born.  However, the stress of a new baby and the changes made things between them pretty bad.

Relationship Problems Cause Stress

As it does for most couples, the routine of work and family life can put a huge strain on a relationship. Couples can start feeling more unhappy, distance from each other and become disconnected. It takes a lot of energy to deal with the needs of your children, household responsibilities, work, and your relationship. Not getting enough quality time for yourself or the relationship can take its toll.

Since it is challenging to successfully deal with all of these issues and keep your relationship in tact, consider professional help. Why? Because it is sometimes hard to do it on your own. Not only will you and your spouse or partner benefit, your children will too.

You see they are watching you. You are teaching them what relationships are about. They are learning how to treat or be treated by a future boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. So what do you want them to learn? There are so many loving, well-meaning parents that don’t realize how their behavior impacts their children in so many ways. For the better and the worse.  Like it or not, your relationship with your spouse is your child’s model for his or her relationships.

If you’re struggling and stuck in the same patterns, try finding a therapist to help you deal with relationship problems in much more effective ways.

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