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Need Relationship Help?

Some of us look forward to weekends with our loved ones — no work and time for closeness, romance, and relaxation. Right? The reality for many is that weekends are much than difficult than work days. because rather than feel excited about being together and connected to one another, you feel lonely and disappointed. Spending time with someone who makes you feel miserable instead of loved, can be very painful. Are you in need of relationship help and wonder what to do?

After a bad stretch, some people may pick up the phone and reach out for professional help and others might look for self help books or online support or resources.

Here are some helpful videos by John Gottman that describehow to make relationships work.

Getting Relationship Help

Making Relationships Work Part 1

Making Relationships Work Part 2

Making Relationships Work Part 3

Making Relationships Work Part 3

  • Criticism (criticism is dangerous to a relationship)
  • Contempt (mocking and acting superior is toxic for a relationship and actually erodes the immune system)
  • Defensiveness (toxic because people are not taking responsibility for part of the problem)
  • Stonewalling (toxic because it seems you’re disengaged and couldn’t care less about what your partner is saying or doing)

If you’ve been unsuccessful trying to improve things on your own, it may be time to call an experienced marriage or relationship therapist. It’s an important (and sometimes difficult) step to understanding and working toward changing some destructive patterns in your relationship.

We hope you find this information useful as you search for relationship help and try and build a stronger and more satisfying relationship.

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