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Can We Reconcile ?

Can we reconcile and get back together? So, are you wondering if you and your partner or spouse can get back together after splitting up?  Maybe you have you been living apart for months or even longer? For that reason, you want to explore what wasn’t working before to see if there’s anything you can do to make the relationship work?
Certainly, there are many couples that need help revisiting the idea reconciliation. As a result they seek counseling. Hence, if both people are open and willing to examine what happened and why, it is possible to make the relationship work even after you’ve divorced.
 Does this sound familiar?
  • You separated because a painful event such as infidelity.
  • You split up due to long standing disconnect and unhappiness
  • You made mistakes and understand more about you part in your problems
  • You want to forgive and are having trouble trusting your spouse or partner

Can We Reconcile and Work Things Out?

Seems like talking about past experiences is causing anger, resentment, hurt, and whatever else might still make it difficult to trust things can be different.  Therefore, an experienced therapist can help you discuss in a safe place.

As a result, marriage or couple therapy can help sort through and assess what you both would need to do to get back together. Because It would take understanding where each person is at now, In addition, it is important to assess how open and willing you are to work on past anger, hurt, resentment and mistakes. Finally, it takes understanding your own part in your marital or relationship problems. Besides that, understanding triggers, disrespect, criticism, stonewalling, defensiveness, contempt and any other patterns that led to your split.

Can we reconcile ? Get in touch to see if it is possible to repair your relationship and change patterns that led to your split.

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