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Parent of a Struggling Child?


Parent of a Struggling Child?

Do you feeling sad about what your child is going through? Are you feeling unable to find ways to effectively help your child?

When you’re a parent of a struggling child, it’s incredibly painful. Especially if the struggle seems to be ongoing and lasts for a period of time. Also, it can make you feel powerless, upset and even depressed. Maybe you’ve tried to help, offer advice or even resorted to criticizing your child in an attempt to make their situation better.

Parenting struggles with an adult or younger child

Do you have an adult son or daughter that is struggling? Are they dealing with life challenges that are also causing emotional pain, anger or fear? Is that affecting you?  Do you have a younger child that is struggling? Do you feel angry and disappointed with your child?

Does this sound familiar?

Mental health issues – Your child struggles with anxiety, depression, bipolar OCD  or another issue. Maybe they are in therapy or seeing a psychiatrist to try and manage and maybe they’re not open to treatment yet.
Relationships – You don’t like the person your child is dating or married to. You have a hard time not making it known and it causes tension and stress in your family. Your child is in a gay or lesbian relationship and you struggle accepting his or her lifestyle.
Behavioral issues –   You’re younger child acts and it causes problem at home and in school.  It causes a lot of stress in the family and it is exhausting and overwhelming.
Sexuality – You child is gay, lesbian or transgender or identifies as bi or pansexual? Is it is hard to accept the lifestyle and support your child? Does you child feel isolated and struggle with sexuality or gender identity?
Addiction – Does you son or daughter have an addiction? Are they using substances, such as opiates, alcohol or another addiction?
Dependency  –  Is an adult child having trouble launching? Do you wonder how to help? Do you feel he or she is being lazy or taking advantage of you? Do you fight with your spouse about how to handle the situation (one of you wants to make your child leave and the other doesn’t)?
Illness – Is your daughter or son dealing with serious, chronic or other illness? Have they been injured and are recovering and you are the caregiver?

Being the parent of a struggling child can be very challenging. Some situations trigger sad and powerless feeling and others trigger anger and disappointment.  Knowing how to cope with your own emotional reactions will help. If you are looking for help, get in touch.


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