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Is Our Marriage Over?

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Is Our Marriage Over?

Can we work things out?

Are you afraid of losing your marriage? Is your relationship at risk and you’re wondering what you need to do and change to make things better? Is your spouse or partner even willing to work with you on these things? Are you scared your spouse or partner has all but given up – or is he or she saying they don’t want to work on things anymore? Not sure what to do?

Many men and women end up in this place and wonder what to do. It’s very painful and scary to think about losing something so important and for some people they’re just realizing how important the relationship is now that your facing this reality of how bad things really are.

Is Our Marriage Over or Not?

Find marriage counseling, couples therapy and discernment counseling in NJ

Two possible outcomes and some couples need help finding answers.

1) Your spouse or partner is pretty sure they want to split, but willing to work on the relationship. You both know many things must happen and change for it to work.
2) You or you spouse or partner does not want to work on things and you’ll need help discussing the best ways to get through these changes in the short and long run.

When couples are in this place counseling is usually referred to as discernment counseling – trying to figure out if you are even willing to commit to relationship or marriage counseling to work out painful and long standing issues. Some couples will decide to work on things and some will not. Either way, we can help you.

If you are looking for an experienced marriage or couples counselor to help, get in touch.

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