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Online Cheating, Affairs and Cyber Infidelity
When a husband, wife or partner has an affair, the betrayal can be devatating. Online cheating can also cause a tremendous amount of pain in a relationship.  So seductive and easily accessible,  the Internet and mobile devices are an opportunity anytime, anywhere to fill a void and get attention you are not getting elsewhere.

Is this you?

  • you hide your phone because you are sending inappropriate texts at all hours
  • you suspect your spouse or partner is connecting with other men or women online or on their phone
  • you feel guilty about cyber cheating and need help ending something that could ruin your relationship
  • the attention is so seductive, tempting and it’s so easy to start something with a coworker or friend
  • you want to come clean and admit the cyber affair before it’s too late
  • it’s hard to stop because it makes you happy and feels very good
  • your spouse or partner keeps accusing you and feels insecure
  • you don’t think it’s all that serious and deny anything is going on
  • you clearly see how it is hurting your relationship and need help

If online cheating is hurting your relationships, get in touch.

Online Cheating

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