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Looking for Relationship Therapy in NJ?

Does this sound familiar?

You feel sad and alone in your marriage or relationship
You are not a priority or last on the list
You feel your partner is not there for you
There is little to no intimacy or sex anymore
Your spouse does not talk to you for days (or weeks) when you’ve had a fight
You are exhausted trying to manage everything and you never get enough help
You’re ready to call it quits because it feels hopeless
You have a new baby and things are so much worse now
You’re wondering if your relationship or marriage can be saved
We hear from many men and women trying to find help for their relationship. They are so upset, sad, angry or frustrated and don’t know what to do. They have so much invested emotionally and financially, so it’s understandable they’re searching for ways to change patterns that are not working – or making things a lot worse, for that matter.

If you and your spouse or partner are at a point where you just can’t seem to resolve your differences, or are feeling so angry and distant that you are miserable, therapy may help.

If you’re looking for relationship therapy in NJ, Feel free to contact us at 973-902-8700 or email us if that’s easier.

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