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Looking for couples counseling in New Jersey? Stuck in a bad place and ready for some help? Not in love anymore? Are you feeling unhappy in your relationship and wondering if there’s anything you can do to reconnect to make things better? Wondering if you should split up our divorce?
So many couples end up in this place and wonder what to do. Some get “stuck” in like this for an extended time and end up being very vulnerable to infidelity due to the disconnect. Others just are very depressed and unhappy.
 Does this sound familiar?
  • You’ve arguing a lot about the smallest things
  • You can’t seem to do anything right
  • You feel like your partner or spouse doesn’t listen or understand you
  • You’ve given up trying to get what you need
  • You’ve tried to initiate sex and intimacy for so long and can’t deal with the rejection so you’ve stopped trying
  • You feel like your spouse or partner is not interested in you and just interested in sex
  • You’re not even sure if the relationship is worth saving
  • You’re staying together only for the sake of the children
If you are at a point in your marriage or relationship where you’re trying to make some important decisions –  do we work on trying to make the relationship better or do I just divorce or break up?
Couples counseling in New Jersey with an experienced marriage or couples therapist can help you figure this out. Your counselor can also help you navigate the steps you need to take to improve things if it’s possible, or respectfully and gently work on ending the marriage or relationship.
If you are at a point you are ready to figure this out, get in touch. We’re here to help.
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