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Resolving Family Conflict and Healing Relationships

Are you struggling to resolve conflict with a family member? Are you feeling a mix of emotions about the rupture? Do you feel stuck in the middle between other family members that are not getting along.  Not sure how to repair things or what to do?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feeling disappointed by things that your mother or father has done to you over time
  • You had a falling out with your adult brother or sister or other family member
  • You’re not even sure it is possible to resolve certain issues
  • You’ve always been the type of person that cuts people out of your life when they hurt you
  • You feel very sad about family relationships that cause more pain than anything else
  • You’re in-laws do not treat you well and it causes problems between you and your spouse
  • You are not happy about the way your spouse deals with things with your step-children
  • You feel stuck in the middle between your spouse and your children ( including blended family problems)

Many people want to know what, if anything, they can do to make things better.   If you’re not sure how to resolve or forgive or you’re hanging onto anger or resentment. If you’re looking fore help resolving family conflict, therapy can help.

If you work or live in Northern New Jersey and need counseling to help in resolving family conflict, contact us or call 973-902-8700 if that’s easier for you.


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