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Looking for Divorce Counseling?

A divorce for most men and women is devastating and extremely painful. Even if things have been bad for a long time, giving up and throwing in the towel is very difficult. You’re bound to feel sadness and grief about ending a relationship or marriage.

Some cope with the loss with sadness and grief, while others feel intense anger, bitterness and resentment.  Either way it causes tremendous suffering, but trying to find a better way to cope with the feelings can make a huge difference on your mental and physical health.

No doubt feeling of anger, resentment and bitterness will prolong the suffering and make things worse. Usually what’s under the anger is grief and sadness, but it’s hard to get to. Hanging onto the anger and allowing your thoughts to fuel that fire is very harmful to yourself, your children and your ex.  Most people don’t care about the harm they do to the ex. Actually, they want bad things to happen to their ex. Some want him or her to die or wish awful things such as illness or accident.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I can’t seem to cope with the anger in more constructive ways, but I want to
  • I feel so resentful – like he or she did this to me and want to know how to handle those emotions
  • I am stuck and feeling bitter and can tell I am making things worse for myself
  • I don’t want to continue to bash my ex and involve my kids, but it’s a go to place
  • I do want peace

We all want peace. It is sad and hard on you and your spirit to wish these things, although it is understandable you don’t know how to handle the intense amount of suffering and loss you feel. I’ve seen many couple go through a bitter, nasty divorce only to find peace over the years. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to get there faster? To deal with you feelings in ways that help you let go of self defeating and destructive thoughts and actions? That’s where divorce counseling can help.

Divorce Counseling to Help You Find Peace

The type of therapy we provide is one-to-one help. Helping men and women find a way through the pain to accept and find peace. We can help you explore feelings of depression, anxiety, grief, anger  and how your thoughts can make things worse.  We can help you process your grief,  make sense of things and move in a more positive direction.

Need a therapist to help?  Contact us if you live or work in Northern NJ in Essex County.

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