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How to Avoid a Nasty Divorce

Are you going through a divorce and trying to keep you pain and anger from making things worse for yourself and your kids? Are you reeling from years of unhappiness, an affair or an abusive ex? Fantasizing your ex would just die or spending a lot of time wanting revenge?

If you’re not able to process your grief and anger in a productive way on your own – seek professional help and support.

Here are some helpful articles and videos to help you survive and/or avoid a nasty divorce.

  • Do You Have an Impossible Ex? Has your ex turned your divorce into a minefield? Read More
  • From Powerless to Power: Surviving a Malignant Divorce – Do you feel helpless with your ex? Therapy can help. Read More
  • The Malignant Divorce – Some divorces are like cancers, so how do we deal? Read More
  • Can You Forgive? Do you know how to forgive others and yourself? Read More
  • How to Evaluate Your Options When Contemplating a Divorce- Options available when considering divorce. (more …)

If you need help to avoid a nasty divorce find a support group in your area (support groups in NJ below) and counseling from a licensed mental health professional. Maplewood Counseling is located in Essex County in Northern NJ. Contact us if you need help with anger, grief and forgiveness.

Here a several resource to help women and men (and gay divorce LGBT) deal with a break-up or divorce:

Divorce Support Groups in New Jersey



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