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Ongoing Marriage Problems Causing Stress?

Are you and your spouse or partner struggling in your relationship? Have you tried unsuccessfully to fix things on your own? Are there certain recurring problems that never seem to get resolved?

Is this you?

  • You or your spouse had an affair and you cannot seem to repair the damage the cheating cause to your relationship
  • You and your spouse or partner have an ongoing pattern of not responding to one another emotionally
  • Anger and disappointment is getting in the way of you and your your spouse or partner feel like you matter to one another
  • You feeling alone most of the time and it feels like like your spouse is not there for you in very important ways
  • You feel like you can’t count on your partner or spouse to be there when you really need him or her


If you’ve been struggling for a long time in your marriage or relationship, things can go to a very painful and lonely place for both people. Walls go up and fights get more escalated. Or both or one of you ends up withdrawing because you don’t know what else to do. You are feeling stuck.

When it comes to the most successful and loving relationships, partners respond to one another emotionally. Some people know how to respond emotionally, but don’t want to because of angry or hurt feelings. Others need help understanding how to and why it is important to respond to your spouse or partner.

Get Help with Marriage Problems

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