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Need Emergency Counseling? Is My Marriage Over?

Is my marrige over? Can emergency counseling help?

Are you wondering if your marriage can survive? Did you just find out about an affair? Have you been unhappy and disconnected for years? Have you been trying to get through to your spouse or partner and feel like you’ve given up and feel it’s hopeless you’ll even get him or her to listen and actually understand you?

Many couples call looking for help as they think about some difficult decisions. Can we stay married? Should we get divorced? I don’t think I can ever feel more for my spouse again because there has been too much disconnect for too long.

Are we headed for divorce?

Taking a good look at the relationship will help you make some important decisions about the next step. Divorce is not an easy path, but is it the best option at this point?

A very serious look at the realtionship, the problems, the awareness or lack of, the ability to understand. Can you undertsand and admit your own part in the problems, are you willing to work on things, can you be realistic and open to the process. Fixing things, especially long standing problems, is not going to happen quickly. While one person might wish to put out the fire and get back to the way things used to be, the other might need some permanent changes. One person might want to hang onto things the way they were and the other is so done with feeling a alone, unhappy and disconnected.

Emergency counseling can help you figure things out. What steps you have to take if you both want it to work. Get in touch and let us know what you are going through.

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