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Is Your Marriage in Crisis?

Are you and your partner going through a crisis in your relationship? Scared to death you won’t be able to repair what went wrong.  Maybe you commented adultery or your spouse have been having an affair. Or you had another serious rupture in the marriage.

There are so many challenges that can bring couples to the brink. Whether you are coping with something like inFidelity, which includes an emotional affairs and online cheating, or other major issues, A crisis can cause tremendous fear.

There probably are many things that got you to this point, but what to do next. Questions you ask might be “can we save this marriage”, “should we divorce” or “ What will happen to our kids if we can’t make it”?

One of the major reasons couples need immediate help due to a crisis is because of infidelity. Most of the time it isn’t because someone came forward and told their spouse or partner, but because they found out in other ways. Even if you come forward, the initial response is shock and devastation. What happens after that varies with each person and couple.

If you are a couple in crisis and need immediate help to figure things out, get in touch

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