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New Jersey Marriage Counselor | Marital  and Family Therapy to Help You and Your Spouse

Are you unhappy in your marriage or relationship? Have you given up on trying to fix things on your own? You are not alone.

Couples that are facing problems in their relationship may benefit from sessions with an experienced marriage counselor. Whether it’s an affair or infidelity, communication problems and understanding one another, not feeling like a priority or fighting about money, sex or children, a few sessions can make a difference.

Dealing with An Affair and Infidelity :

Is this you?

  • your marriage is in crisis and you’re not sure you can save it after finding out about an affair
  • you need emergency marital therapy because of the devastation of an affair or infidelity
  • you feel very guilty about cheating and want to come clean, but not lose your marriage
  • you recently saw inappropriate texts or phone messages and are not sure what to do

Feeling Like Your Spouse or Partner is Not There for You :

Is this you?

  • you’re going through a difficult time and you spouse or partner is not there for you
  • you’re dealing with serious health or mental health issues and need help as a couple
  • you had a miscarriage and it has caused a tremendous amount of sadness and you feel alone
  • you feel like you can’t count on your spouse in many ways and don’t know what to do
  • you or your spouse shuts down and puts up a wall and you can’t seem to resolve anything

Feeling Like You Don’t Matter and are Not a Priority :

Is this you?

  • you fight about so many things – even small things – and you don’t know why
  • you don’t feel important and like a priority and it makes you sad and/or angry
  • work or friends seem so much more important and we have drifted apart

Feeling Misunderstood and Want Your Spouse to Understand and Listen to You :

Is this you?

  • you don’t know how to communicate effectively when you are angry at each other
  • you or your spouse resorts to name calling (or worse) and it causes a lot of damage
  • when you try and talk your spouse shuts down and you get angry or give up trying to resolve things
  • there is so much disrespect and criticism in your relationship and you can’t take it anymore
  • you fight about parenting over someone being too harsh or the other being too easy on the kids
  • you’re not sure if your marriage has reached the point of no return, but still want to try

When couples struggle and argue in their relationships, it is usually about the following:

  • I don’t feel like I matter – I don’t feel important
  • I feel like you’re not there for me
  • I don’t feel like I count on you

Trying to understand one another is an important step in reconnecting.  Being open and responding to the needs of one another emotionally is one of the most important ways you can not only improve your relationship, but have a more loving, healthy and satisfying marriage.

Need marital therapy? Let us know how we can help you.

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