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Marriage Counseling Chatham NJ

At Maplewood Counseling, we see many couples and individuals who work or live in Chatham, New Jersey in Morris County. Some are looking for marriage counselors and want to see a therapist located nearby, but not necessarily in Chatham. Do you live or work in Chatham Borough or Chatham Township and need to find local therapy services to help you or your family? We offer in-person and video telehealth sessions. 

Is this you?

  • You are struggling in your relationship or marriage and need help with communication
  • Your spouse recently found out about an affair and you want to save your marriage
  • You are stressed, anxious or feeling unhappy and want some professional help
  • You are both unhappy and distant and don’t want things to continue on this way
  • You’re considering divorce after a long term marriage and want to know what to do
  • You’re struggling with parenting, co-parenting, step family or blended family problems
  • You’ve been through a loss and need help dealing with grief
  • Issues with you teenager or adult children cause tremendous stress on the marriage
  • You’re dealing with serious medical issues and it is affecting the entire family

We provide therapy services for couples and individuals who work or live in Chatham. Some are looking for marriage counseling, some help trying to get through a difficult time. If you need therapy services, please contact us and let us know how we can help .


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