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Finding Life After Divorce


Separation and divorce can be one of the most painful experiences of your life. The loss feels unbearable to so many people. Many find it hard to eat, sleep and function at work and home. Finding a support group or a mental health professional may help you cope. Processing the grief can be extremely painful, but it is important to healing and to finding life after divorce.

You may have made many mistakes in your relationship. We all have. Understanding what happened and learning what you can do to make a future relationship more satisfying and successful is possible. Blaming your ex will not help you get there faster and can only prolong the agony by hanging onto toxic feelings.

Forgiving and Finding Life After Divorce

The truth is no one wins in a failed relationship. Most couples want it to work and for various reasons it just did not. The sooner you can let go of anger and resentment and let yourself feel the pain (as hard as it is), the more open you will be to new experiences.

I’ve seen many people work through and process the end of a relationship and eventually find peace. I’ve also seen many of those people begin new lives and start the dating process again. Sometimes it’s awkward and scary to put yourself out there again – sometimes after being married for so many years, but it is very possible to find happiness again — in or out of a relationship.

Finding life after divorce ad how to embrace the next chapter after processing the pain.

Finding life after divorce – Divorce support groups listed here:

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