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The Benefit of Letting Go | Mindfulness Counseling

Letting go will of an inner struggle or conflict can eventually bring you peace and acceptance to your life. It is not easy for many people to let go since it usually means facing something painful. You sometimes have ti go into the fire to get to a better place.

Trying to let go of something painful? Does this sound familiar?

  • You been hanging on to resentment that is hurting you and others in your life.
  • You haven’t been able to resolve something in your life or relationship that causes you on going anger and pain
  • You’re having trouble letting go of a bad marriage or relationship?
  • You may have a strong need to control others and make things happen a certain way?
  • You have tremendous anxiety and resist things that you can’t control.

Some people will benefit greatly from learning to accept they need to let go of difficult circumstances with kindness and manage the emotions that arise.

It can be very frightening and anxiety producing to move forward. Letting go can also mean you have to allow yourself to process painful emotions, which is incredibly important. Why? Avoidance will only prolong the agony. What you resist will persist and causes you and sometimes others more and unnecessary suffering.

Learning to manage emotions with letting go is the first step. It means instead of hanging on to resentments, anger and negative circumstances to avoid what will surface, you start to see the value in gradually accepting Things, circumstances and people you cannot change.

If you need help letting go, find an experience, compassionate and understanding therapist that can help you move in this direction

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