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Lack of Sex and Intimacy

Not Able to Connect in Your Relationship

Many couples come to counseling because they are feeling disconnected in one way or another. It happens to both men and women – feeling confused, upset, misunderstood, alone. When this happens it will affect most couples when it comes to wanting sex. If you or your spouse or partner are not interested in sex, there are usually good reasons. Making sure desire issues are not related to medical issues first (see you doctor to rule out medical concerns), the next step is understanding what is going on to get in the way of a healthy sexual connection.

Not feeling wanted or desired can be very painful. Understanding the reasons for this is important.

Does this sound familiar?

You or your partner….

  • constantly feel rejected when you initiate sex or intimacy
  • feel really angry and hurt when your wife or husband is not interested in sex
  • need to feel emotionally connected and want intimacy
  • never been on the same page when it comes to sexual desire and libido
  • are going through hormonal changes and are less interested in sex in general
  • struggle with erectile dysfunction ED and medical issues I’ve been ruled out by your doctor
  • are afraid of being judged, embarrassed, disappointing you spouse and having performance issues
  • end up fighting or arguing about sex a lot
  • both feel disconnected because you cannot connect on more intimate levels

If you and your spouse or partner have been struggling with intimacy and lack of sex, it’s important to understand the underlying reasons. If you need a marriage or relationship therapist to help, feel free to contact us.

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