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In the middle?  

Need help with conflict between your spouse or partner and your parents?

Dealing with painful family issues and problems between your spouse and your parents?

Trying to resolve some pretty serious problems with your partner’s feelings about your parents and visa versa? It can be very challenging to deal with conflict between both parties. If you are close to your parents and they don’t like your spouse (or your spouse can’t deal with them), then what should you do?

Because we work with a lot of couples, we do understand how painful it is when your partner and your parents do not get along.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re very sad about an incident between your parents and spouse that has not been resolved.
  • You hate feeling like you’re in the middle and feel stuck
  • Your partner gets angry at you when you go to your parents house without him or her.
  • Your parents no longer want your wife or husband to come over
  • Holidays are especially painful since you cannot go be with both or it’s totally stressful

There’s no doubt that in-law and family issues can make things challenging. Knowing how to handle these painful situations as a couple is important.

Sometimes parents and/ or your spouse are open to trying to resolve issues and sometimes not.

If you need help trying to figure out what to do about this difficult situation, get in touch. Sometimes family situations can be resolved, but if they can’t knowing how to handle it as a couple is important.

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