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How to Complain Without Hurting Your Partner

We had to remove a video here that explained how to do this.

BreaThere are many ways you can communicate your anger and frustration without being hurtful – critical, nasty, devaluing and other negative ways to communicate. It will only cause more damage to the relationship. You can learn better ways to express these emotions.

Breaking a pattern or habit of putting your partner down when you are upset will take some work. If you are determined you can eventually stop a negative way of expressing your anger, hurt, sadness or frustration. It will ultimately not get you what you want if you are hurtful to your spouse or partner. Connection takes eventually becoming more vulnerable and less prickly when you are upset.

All couples will always go through “ruptures” and it is all about the repair. How to resolve issues when they come since they WILL come up. It is all about how you resolve your conflict. If you ware determined to do a better job, you can. You might need the help of an experienced therapist to help you break negative patterns and learn better ways to do this.

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