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Helping Couples Reconnect

Helping couples reconnect

Helping Couples with Disconnect

Couples get disconnected for a number reasons. Some are unable to communicate effectively, others are dealing with infidelity and betrayal, and many argue over parenting, in-law or other family issues.

What to Do If You’re Disconnected

Disconnected relationships can be extremely painful. What you do with that pain can make things worse even if you’re just trying to make connection. Some men and women can get verbally abusive and attack their partner with name calling and criticism. Others are unable to listen to concerns and needs of a partner or spouse if they feel blamed. More often than not, people that feel blamed will respond by getting defensive which can make matters worse.

Some couples really struggle when one person wants to talk and discuss issues ( “I want you to hear me!”) in an attempt to be understood and the other person may not want to deal with any kind of conflict whatsoever because they don’t know what to do. Definitely not a great combination, but a lot a couples struggle in this way.

The key is trying to make the relationship safe enough, trying to get better at listening – really listening and staying present – trying to understand the other person. It first takes understanding your pattern or dynamic – what isn’t working. You can get reconnected if you are both open and willing to learn what will help. It’s also important learn what habits and patterns get in the way of listening, understanding, accepting, supporting and forgiving.

If you’re a couple that needs help reconnecting, get in touch.

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