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Need help with communication?

Improve communication in your marriage or relationship

Most couples call looking for help with communication.

However, even an affair and infidelity are often a symptom of a problem – lack of connection- stemming from poor communication skills.

What is really important in a relationship is getting better at listening. True listening is one of the greatest gift you can give your partner or spouse. It means trying to reallyunderstand what your spouse needs.

Everyone in a relationship may have different needs in terms of what makes them feel like they matter and what makes them feel important. Many times their feelings and needs can be discounted or dismissed leaving to further problems and disconnect. Learning to pay attention to and respond what they are feeling and the expression of that struggle rather than getting caught up in all of the details of what the other person is saying. It can come out as a complaint, but the feeling underneath might be feeling alone or misunderstood resulting in sadness, anger or distancing. It is si important to learn how to help your spouse or partner feel safe to show he or she mateers and that you are really trying to there ( in the way the other person really needs) emotionally.

If you are in a relationship that needs to get better at communication – to really really be there ways that your partner needs – find a therapist that can help you get the message across.

A well trained therapist can help. Feel free to reach out via phone or email if you’d like to discuss your situation. It’s a step in the right direction to understanding one another to make your relationship better and more satisfying.

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