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Should We Get Divorced? 

Feeling unhappy and disconnected in your marriage? Don’t enjoy spending time together anymore?  Feel bored and unsatisfied? Do you no longer have sex or intimacy? Wonder if you can get to a better place or … should we get divorced?

Not all couples are able to stay together especially if one person really wants out. A good couples therapist can assess if you are not on the same page with wanting to work things out. One of you might really want to work on things and the other not so much.

Should we get divorced? Does this sound familiar?

  • You don’t want to hurt your wife/husband, but you’re not happy anymore
  • Your scared of how this will affect your children
  • You wonder if you should just suck it up for the sake of the family and deal with being unhappy
  • You don’t want to be alone
  • You’re not sure to how to go about doing things in the most respectful way possible
  • You don’t want to be the one to end things since you will feel judged and like the bad guy
  • You need help from a professional having that difficult conversation about how you’re feeling

It’s hard if you’re not feeling interested in spending time with your spouse anymore. Maybe you feel bored or not attracted to your spouse anymore.Possibly you’ve changed or your spouse has changed – sadly, it may not feel good to be together anymore. Regardless, it is important for both of you (and your family) to find out how to handle things and what to do.. 

Should We Get Divorced?

Most of the time as marriage counselors, we see these situations when a couple is not on the same page. One person wants to work on it and stay married and the other does not.

We understand and do not judge these situations. That are hard on everyone. You may want to separate and get divorced after a long period of time of feeling like the relationship is no longer right for you.  

Many people fear how this will impact their children, but children will be OK as long as their parents seem OK. Not blaming or putting someone down (as well as others things) will help if you can avoid doing these things in front of the children.

I can actually be more respectful to come forward and separate rather than be miserable, disrespectful, avoidant and unhappy.. When you’ve been married for a long time, even for a short time – taking the steps is not easy.

If you need help from an experienced marriage or relationship counselor, please do feel free to get in touch.

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