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Fighting About Money in Your Relationship?

Are you struggling in your marriage or relationship with financial issues? Do you have conflict about your different approaches to saving and spending? Maybe your arguments have been leading nowhere?

A lot of couples argue about money.  For that reason, you both may feel angry and frustrated. When ongoing issues are not resolved, it can create more and more distance over time.  So what can you do?

Couples counseling can help you both move away from bickering and resolve you repeated arguments about money.

When You Feel Stuck Fighting About Money

Does this sound familiar?

one of you was a saver and the other is a spender.

there is a fear regarding financial security that isn’t fully understood and discussed.

one of you needs a lot of control to manage your anxiety and fear of financial insecurity.

you can’t stand that you can’t count on your spouse or partner in this way

you end up feeling alone and sad

Better ways to discuss, listen and understand

Issues regarding money that cause the most problems in relationships is having a very different approach and feelings about security. Possibly, one of you grew up in a family situation where money was really tight and there was obvious and ongoing financial struggle. So, if you went through some difficult experiences growing up, you may fear that same type of financial deprivation. As a result, you may be very controlling about money, which causes more problems.

In contrast, you may have grown up in a situation where your parents were not responsible with finances, or struggled with job loss, made irresponsible choices or dealt with other circumstances that were very challenging. Maybe, your roles models never valued money and did not teach you how to mange finances, create a budget or save money.

As a result, it’s important to really understand what’s at the heart of your arguments regarding money. In addition, communicating from this place of vulnerability can help both of you understand and work together more on issues related to finances.

If you keep getting stuck in this place and need help, get in touch


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