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Coping with an Estranged Relationship?

What is an estranged relationship? Estranged implies a loss of affection, distance and instead of turning to your spouse or partner, turning away. If you have been feeling unhappy and disconnected for a long time, it can create a tremendous amount distance and even hostility.

Are you living under the same roof and feeling trapped? Feeling there are no good options for dealing with your disconnect? Most importantly, it is having a huge impact on everyone’s emotional and physical well-being?

Estranged Relationship | Still Living Together?

Are these your circumstances?

  • We sleep in separate rooms and have for a long time
  • We hardly speak to one another
  • You are estranged from a child, parent or other family member
  • Our children are fully aware of how bad things are
  • We argue and there are verbal insults and hostility
  • At times, we fight in front of our children
  • I don’t love my spouse anymore and even feel like I hate him/her
  • It’s so obvious to everyone we can’t stand each other anymore
  • We cannot afford to separate now
  • We stay together for the sake of the children

So, what should you do? At the very least, you can seek counseling to talk about and process your feelings about the disconnect. Understanding what you can and cannot do is important. Some relationships can be repaired eventually of both parties – whether with a spouse, child or other family member. And other situations may take working with you r own sadness and anger to process and finally come twosome type of acceptance if the situation so you can feel more peace.

An estranged relationship can cause a lot of pain and be challenges for both parties. Forgiveness takes one and you will do this for your own sake, but reconciliation takes two. You cannot reconcile and estranged relationship unless the other person is open. In the meantime, if you are struggling with this type of situation, it might help to talk to a professional.

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