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Going Through Divorce in NJ?

Going through a Divorce in NJ? Find Counseling & Support

Are you going through a divorce in NJ?
Is this you?

  • you are scared about your financial future, starting over and being alone
  • you know divorce mediation or collaborative divorce is the best option and you want your ex on board
  • you are shocked by how things have deteriorated and how you are treating one another or being treated
  • you’d like help dealing with the anger and resentment, so you can come to better decisions for everyone
  • you want to do everything possible to make things easier for your young and/or adult children
  • you feel so much shame about the divorce and like a failure, but you want help with self acceptance

A divorce or break-up can be devastating. For some, painful and angry feelings can persist for months and even years.

It’s hard for many men and women to cope with all the complicated emotions, such as grief, depression, abandonment, anger and resentment.

Need Help Finding Ways to Make Divorce Easier?

If you’re feeling stuck with angry and painful feelings, talking to an experienced therapist or mental health professional can help you process your feelings. Therapy can help you begin to heal and let go of toxic emotions.

“Pain can change you, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad change. Take that pain and turn it into wisdom.” ~Unknown

Divorce support groups can also be very helpful to people going through the end of relationship. Listening to and sharing with people who understand and can relate to what you’re going through can be a great help.

We hope this helps if you need help making a difficult and painful process easier.

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